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Theme 2

Knowledge and data representation

Permanent staff

Scientific objectives

  • Study how immersing users in a 3D visualization space enables them to better visualize and analyze data usually displayed in a 2D space
  • Obtain a generic knowledge representation model that can be interacted with in a virtual environment
  • Design frameworks for deploying immersive 3D representations adapted to different types of data


  • Determining the right 3D representation metaphors to use, depending on the nature of the data to be visualized
  • Providing appropriate means of interaction to enable effective exploration and analysis of this data
  • Enable users to collaborate around these data visualizations, in symmetrical and/or asymmetrical collaboration (such as 2D/3D or VR/AR)
  • Enable users to make smooth transitions between using 3D visualizations in immersive mode, and more conventional work in 2D desktop mod
  • Enable domain experts to define the knowledge model (system operation and human activities) enabling autonomous agents to reason for training or mediation purposes

Application fields

  • Training / cultural mediation
  • Immersive Analytics for Cybersecurity
  • Immersive Analytics for marine ecological/biological data