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Theme 1

3D interaction and tangible interfaces

Permanent staff

Scientific objectives

  • Propose solutions for smooth transitions between different levels of mixed reality (2D <=> AR <=> VR)
  • Propose interaction techniques that enable interaction at different levels of the mixed reality continuum
  • Specify and model MR perceptual peculiarities in relation to interactionExplore the fusion of tangible interfaces with virtual and augmented reality to create immersive, intuitive, user-friendly or natural user experiences
  • Leverage the use of tangible interfaces to interact with digital twins to propose methods for modeling, simulating and interacting with complex or industrial systems


  • Identify and visualize informative indicators of 3D interaction quality
  • Develop natural interaction techniques adapted to different interaction contexts (e.g. 2D/3D or VR/AR)
  • Determine the right 3D interaction metaphors to use, depending on the context of use
  • Enable users to make smooth transitions between the different levels of mixed reality (2D <=> AR <=> VR)
  • Manage the diversity of interaction devices and modalities
  • Establish natural "real-time" interaction between a digital environment and a user by recognizing the latter's activity from all types of sensors (cameras, ambient, wearable, etc.)
  • Offer interactions integrating several senses (sight, touch, hearing) to move towards multi-sensory immersive user experiences
  • Create tangible interfaces that can be deformed or adapted to changing usage contexts or user needs

Application fields

  • Immersive Analytics for Cybersecurity
  • Industry 4.0 / Digital Twins
  • Education
  • Digital Humanities / Heritage
  • Space / Health
  • Interaction with defense systems