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The raison d'être of the DMID department is to link complex phenomena and systems, the data derived from them, and decision making, using model-driven and data-driven approaches.

To be more precise, the department's researchers will first of all study these natural phenomena, dynamic systems, or sociotechnical systems, all of which generate data. A little more concretely, one can imagine behind these terms the study of the seabed, the functioning of robots, large industrial systems, human behavior, etc....

DMID's researchers use mathematical and statisticalmodels to represent and model these phenomena, and what is interesting is that these models themselves become scientific objects, whose properties can be studied.

Then, from the data generated from these phenomena and systems, or models, information is extracted using data mining or machine learning algorithms.

This information can in itself represent an answer to the problem posed, or it can serve as an entry point for a decision-maker to make informed or optimal decisions. To guide the decision-maker, we will use operational research or decision aiding techniques. 

These decisions can then again influence the underlying phenomena, closing this loop. 

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From data to decision

40 Researchers

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Models and AlgoriThms for pRocessIng and eXtracting information

20 Researchers

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Latest announcements

Emerging Optimization methods: from metaheuristics to quantum approaches


A third school on quantum optimization was held in Troyes from April 17 to 21, 2023 in conjunction with the 21st EU/ME (European Metaheuristics Community) meeting. As its title indicates, the goal was to highlight emerging optimization methods in me…

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Machine learning on massive bathymetric data for the optimization of hydrographic survey systems


Julian Le Deunf brilliantly defended his thesis "Machine learning on massive bathymetric data for the optimization of hydrographic survey systems" on Monday December 12, 2022. This work was carried out within the LUSSI department of IMT Atlantique an…

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PhD Defense Mohadese Basirati


We are pleased to announce the defense of Mohadese Basirati's thesis, which will take place on 02/12/2022 at 10:00 am at IMT Atlantique, Campus de Brest, Petit Amphi DF. The thesis is entitled "Zoning management in marine spatial planning: agent-base…

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