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INUIT focuses on immersive technological solutions and their evaluation to improve their naturalness and focuses on proposing or improving these interaction devices.

To improve this naturalness, the scientific themes are the study of immersion, research on tangible or gestural interfaces, multimodality (visual, haptic, sound).

We are therefore also working on the evaluation of the results of the interaction to validate our approaches.

Our themes:

  • MR - XR
    • MR = Mixed Reality (Continuum of Milgram VR - AR)
    • XR = eXtented Reality
  • 3D interactions (gestural, multimodal)
  • Tangible interactions
  • Immersive visualization
  • Interaction with complex systems
  • Multi-user systems

Our scientific challanges:

  • Improve interaction with IT systems
    • Efficiency, adaptability (intelligent), naturalness
  • Model (from a computer point of view) the interaction and its context
    • To better define it and size the interactive system
    • To take into account humans and their environment
  • Propose new modes of natural interactions
    • 3D, gestures, tangible, immersive, ...
    • Allowing to adapt the interaction to the user
  • Propose new modes of representation
    • Multimodal (visual, haptic, sound, etc.)
  • Interact to better understand
    • Learning, study of models