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Theme 3

System-mediated human-human collaboration

Permanent staff

Scientific objectives

  • Study human-human collaboration situations that integrate both co-located and remote users
  • Study the perception of the workspace and collaborators during mixed-reality collaboration
  • Propose systems capable of detecting the collaborative situation and helping users in the event of a problem (misunderstanding, conflict, etc.


  • Integrate remote users into co-located collaboration by offering them adapted perception and interaction capabilities
  • Manage the diversity of devices and interaction modalities to offer new heterogeneous collaboration solutions
  • Enable perception of collaborators' activity and capabilities in mixed reality environments
  • Enable smooth transitions between different moments of collaboration (side discussions, sub-group work, etc.) 

Application fields

  • Training / cultural mediation
  • Immersive Analytics for Cybersecurity
  • Industry 4.0 / Digital Twins