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The laboratory is developing very strong expertise on research about drones and drone swarms. He has a broad spectrum of skills related to the challenges of developing systems based on the intensive use of drones, whether in the fields of design and simulation, dedicated software and hardware architectures, communications, critical systems and human factor risks. 9 teams contribute to this transverse drone program by developing complementary contributions considering design and control of drones, or swarms of drones, reliability, security, and processing data provided by drones
In more detail, the contributions of the teams to the drone program are:

In the IA&Ocean topic, the ROBEX team seeks to develop methodological tools to design intelligent algorithms allowing robots to accomplish an exploration mission autonomously. Under certain assumptions about the environment and the dynamics of the robot, the team is interested in guaranteeing certain properties such as the avoidance of a forbidden zone, the respect of constraints on the state of the system, the integrity of the localization and the ability to return to the starting point. The OSE team is positioned in this continuum between methodological research in signal processing & AI and the applications of interest for the environment, with a focus on multimodal remote sensing of the marine environment: i.e., oceanic remote sensing (satellite images), monitoring of the marine environment and underwater. And the M3 (Marine Mapping & Metrology) team intends to focus on understanding the physics of measurement and its exploitation for the mapping of the marine environment. The objective is to understand the measurement itself to better interpret it and thus provide a reliable description of the environment.


Contact : Jean-Philippe BABAU