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Data, Models, Information, Decisions
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Software and Hardware, ARchitectures and Processes
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Traitement et Transmission de l’Information, algorIthme et Intégration
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Seminar of Prof. Maciej KRAWCZYK, Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań (Poland)


During his visit of the NSF team and ENIB in January 2024, Prof. Maciej KRAWCZYK, from Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań (Poland), gave a seminar entitled "Excitation of high-frequency short-wavelength spin waves". Both the seminar and the visit w…

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Seminaire Lab-STICC - Axe Drone- Kalinka Branco le 14/02 à 10h Amphi F (UBO)


Kalinka Branco, professeure brésilienne à l'université de Sao Paulo propose de présenter ses activités de recherche dans le cadre d'un séminaire Lab-STICC-Axe drone. Titre: Safe and Security: Challenges and Opportunities Date et Lieu: Mercredi 14 f…

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Honored SPIE Members of distinction, SPIE Fellows: C. Brosseau (SMART)


SPIE FellowsHonored SPIE Members of distinction Each year, SPIE promotes Members as new Fellows of the Society. Fellows are Members of distinction who have made significant scientific and technical contributions in the multidisciplinary fields of op…

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Open positions

2 years Post-doc offer


2 years post-doc offer within the RAMBO and COMMEDIA teams from the pole interaction:  DISCOBOT — An engaging discussion robot for mental health preservation Applications until the 15th April and if recruitment is unsuccessful, we will continue to ac…

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Thèse / PhD : Métasurfaces absorbantes et à codage spatiotemporel pour la réduction de la surface équivalente radar des satellites


Métasurfaces absorbantes et à codage spatiotemporel pour la réduction de la surface équivalente RADAR des satellites   Absorbing and spatiotemporally encoded metasurfaces for RADAR cross-section reduction of satellites     Contexte et problémati…

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Telecommunications Research and Development Engineer (fixed-term public-law contract)


Within the framework of PC3 PERSEUS of the PEPR 5G acceleration programme (national priority research programme and equipment for 5G networks and networks of the future, whose co-leaders are CEA, CNRS and IMT), we are recruiting a research and develo…

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Apr 16, 2024

Seminar : Machine Learning Based Surrogate Models of Electronic Devices and Circuits


Location : C108 à l'UFR Sciences et Technique at 10 am . Abstract : This talk aims to emphasize the …

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