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AI & Ocean

IA & Ocean

Our general objective is to develop the expertise and the national and international visibility of the laboratory at the interface between Artificial Intelligence and oceanic and maritime themes, including both the ocean as a complex system (physical-biological-ecological-human activity interactions) and as a space giving rise to various activities (e.g., maritime traffic, coastal management, marine resources...). This general objective is structured around three specific research areas: AI & Perception of Marine Environments (ROBEX, OSE, M3), AI & Marine Exploratorion (ROBEX, M3) and AI & Oceanic and marine data (M3, OSE).

Our activities are characterized by a strong interdisciplinarity based on contributions, including theoretical ones, from AI and the ability to implement and develop them for thematic issues related to the marine environment in close interaction with other scientific and technological fields (e.g., offshore technologies, space observation, physical oceanography, hydrography, marine ecology, maritime surveillance,...).

Marine Mapping & Metrology

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Observations Signal & Environnement

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ROBotics for EXploration

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