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PhD Thomas ALVES


Thomas ALVES

  • PhD title: Visualisation and Interactions with a Virtual Honey Bee Colony : Simulation, Complexity and Pedagogy
  • INUIT Themes 1 and 4
  • Thesis dates: 10/2018 – 12/2021
  • Supervision: V. Rodin – T. Duval – J. Rivière
  • Context/Funding: 100 % CDE UBO
  • General Goal:
    • To provide a better understanding of a complex system by providing a 3D immersive visualization of the system and offering 3D interactions
  • Scientific challenges:
    • To determine and implement a realistic model of a complex system (here : a honey bee colony)
    • To provide 3D immersive interactions with the 3D visualization of the virtual honey bee colony
  • Keywords: Complex Systems, Agent based simulation, Self-organisation, Honey bee colony, Immersive Visualisations and Interactions
  • Contributions:
    • An agent-based model simulating the task allocation self-organisation in a honeybee colony
    • A tangible hive coupled with an immersive VR visualization to intuitively interact with the simulation
    • An abstract 3D visualization of the complex mechanisms of the task allocation