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PhD Jean-Michel FAZZARI

PhD Jean-Michel FAZZARI - eXtendR BCOM

Jean-Michel FAZZARI

    • PhD title: Model for recognizing actions from interactions with tangible devices and mixed reality
    • INUIT Themes 1 and 2
    • Thesis dates: 11/2018 – 09/2022
    • Supervision: R. Querrec – S. Kubicki
    • Context/Funding: IRT b<>com
    • General Goal:
      • To design a generic interaction model that allows ergonomists to design a Virtual Environment without having to involve a computer scientist to create the link between interactors and business actions, in order to allow an ergonomist to follow the evolution of the business procedure on the system being designed, or even to create, modify or adapt the procedure
    • Scientific challenges:
      • To describe generically the different types of EV and Tangible interactors that will compose the simulated HMIs
      • To describe the platform and the activities of the operator
      • To automatically recognize action in activity from user interactions
    • Keywords: Tangible Interaction, Mixed Reality, Activity, Modelling
    • Contributions:
      • A generic interaction model based on the MASCARET meta-model allowing to make an automatic link between the interactions of a user in a mixed and tangible environment
      • A typology of interactors to generically describe the vast majority of interactors present in mixed reality, including tangible objects, input devices, gestures, voice and WIMP interfaces
    • Perspectives:
      • Implement the actions described in the UML standard and those present in MASCARET
      • Create a typology of interactions (take, turn, move, etc.) in order to simplify the reading of interaction configuration interfaces