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PhD Vincent FER

PhD Vincent FER - Confiance

Vincent FER

  • PhD title: Modeling and analysis of dynamic of trust in AI-like assistance
  • INUIT theme 4
  • Thesis dates: 11/2022 – 10/2025
  • Supervision: G. Coppin – P. de Loor – M. Bollaert – O Grisvard – D. Lafont
  • Context/Funding: CIFRE THALES
  • General Goal:
    • To establish relations between trust, efficiency, reliability and compliance when a user is helped by an AI-based system when s/he performs her/his tasks
  • Scientific challenges:
    • To build a cognitive model of the user includind her/his trust in the system according to the efficiency, reliebility and compliance of the system
    • To determine how to build efficent and trusted HCIs providing Ai-based support to the users
  • Keywords: Trust, Explainability, Artificial Intelligence
  • Contribution:
    • beginning to study the state of the art of trust in interactive systems