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PhD Thi Than Hoa TRAN

PhD Thi Than Hoa TRAN - UniSA

(Thi Than) Hoa TRAN

  • PhD title: Improving autonomous vehicle drivers’ confidence via Augmented Reality visualization of artificial intelligencedecision-making context
  • INUIT theme 4
  • Thesis dates: 09/2022 – 08/2025
  • Supervision: G. Moreau – É. Peillard – B. Thomas
  • Context/Funding: IMT Atlantique – UniSA
  • General Goal:
    • To improve the trust by improving the situational awareness of the occupants with appropriate AR visualization techniques
  • Scientific challenges:
    • To improve perception of driver/passenger by showing them potential hazards along with the route and environment, by making him aware of the uncertainty situation as well as the reaction of the car
    • To improve/reduce time for driver to switch from autonomous mode to manual mode in uncertainty situation
  • Keywords: Augmented Reality, AI, Visualization, Confidence
  • Contribution:
    • Exploring the State of the art of how current systems visualize what has been analysed/understood by AI