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PhD Anne WARTELLE - Lab In Virtuo


  • PhD title: VR and AR Interactions to build Knowledge for Digital Heritage
  • INUIT theme 2
  • Thesis dates: 04/2022 – 03/2025
  • Supervision: R. Querrec – M.-M. Abiven – F. Laroche – M. Quantin
  • Context/Funding: ANR Lab In Virtuo
  • General Goal:
    • To preserve and highlight knowledge about industrial cultural landscapes in virtual environments thanks digital corpus
  • Scientific challenges:
    • To propose a tool generic enough to serve for various use cases (specific cultural landscapes)
    • To describe a mean to create and build upon an ontology while immersed in a virtual environment
    • To enable the execution of any cultural facilitation scenario by Embodied Conversational Agents (ECAs)
  • Keywords: Interaction, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Digital Heritage, Virtual Agents, Ontology, Meta-modelisation
  • Contribution:
    • A way to retrieve knowledge from a digital corpus while immersed in a virtual environment and to present knowledge to the users by ECAs