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Decision Aid and Information Discovery

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Research directions

The DECIDE team intends to provide decision support solutions for decision makers facing heterogeneous and complex data. These data - text, signals, images, sensors streams, social networks interactions, decision making contexts, preferences of the decision makers, spatial, or even previous decisions - are the starting point of DECIDES's research activities.

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In order to facilitate the decision making act, DECIDE's ambition is to propose the decision makers solutions that allow them to:

  • Identify, model, and understand the information extracted from data.
  • Make reliable and robust decisions based on the extracted information.
  • Justify decision recommendations to demonstrate their quality.
  • Provide coherent recommendations according to the decision makers' needs.
  • Model the different stages of the decision support process to guarantee that recommendations are both readable and traceable.
  • Identify potentially uncertain preferences.
  • Reach a compromise whenever decision makers have conflicting preferences.

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Team structure

To tackle these scientific challenges, the DECIDE team works along 3 research axis : data, decision and information. The figure below summarizes this structure. The techniques used through the 3 axis are mainly data mining, machine learning, graph theory, optimization, data fusion. The decision makers are central to the activites of DECIDE, as it is shown on the figure.

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