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PhD Defense Mohadese Basirati


We are pleased to announce the defense of Mohadese Basirati's thesis, which will take place on 02/12/2022 at 10:00 am at IMT Atlantique, Campus de Brest, Petit Amphi DF. The thesis is entitled "Zoning management in marine spatial planning: agent-based multi-objective optimization and conflict resolution."


Abstract: The challenge of this thesis is to develop a spatial decision support system to locate and allocate areas of marine space to multiple actors, despite potentially conflicting initial objectives and constraints. To address this question, in this thesis we focus on three different requirements as follows: 1) To model the problem in a realistic geographic information system framework and formulate a mathematical model 2) To be able to propose solutions for large-scale problems, 3) To develop a  decision-making process that helps multiple actors resolve possible conflicts by reaching a compromise.
Based on these objectives, this thesis proposes a multi-agent, multi-objective system that simulates the multi-level decision-making processes for the management of spatial zoning of marine uses with three main contributions: 1) Multi-objective integer linear programming, 2) Multi-objective evolutionary algorithms, 3) Cooperative decision processes with multi-agent systems and heuristic methods.
This thesis proposes a formal and executable approach to deal with the problem of space zoning management with multiple objectives and actors. In case of conflict, different cooperation scenarios are compared and ranked. Experimental results on synthetic datasets The experimental results on synthetic datasets highlight the fact that good compromises can be reached when actors agree to cooperate. The proposed work paves the way for future online decision support tools applied to
real cases.

The jury is composed of :
Mrs. Sophie BERTRAND
Director of Research Institute of Research for Development
Mr. Romain BILLOT Professor IMT Atlantique
Mr. Patrick MEYER Professor IMT Atlantique
Mr. Yves DE SMET Professor Université Libre de Bruxelles
Mr. Nadir FARHI Research Fellow Univ. Gustave Eiffel (Ifsttar)

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