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Emerging Optimization methods: from metaheuristics to quantum approaches



A third school on quantum optimization was held in Troyes from April 17 to 21, 2023 in conjunction with the 21st EU/ME (European Metaheuristics Community) meeting.

As its title indicates, the goal was to highlight emerging optimization methods in metaheuristics mainly from quantum optimization.

About a hundred participants were present, both from academia and industry. The participants benefited from plenary presentations oriented towards metaheuristics (Eric Taillard, Jin Kao Hao) and quantum optimization (Olivier Ezratty, Simon Perdrix, Vedran Dunjko) as well as about thirty scientific presentations.

To complete this discovery, practical/lab sessions were proposed by the main quantum platforms (IBM, Atos, Pasqal) as well as more strategic sessions on current policies in this field (Neil Abroug, Harold Ollivier, Sébastien Tanzilli).

The event was organized by :
Marc Sevaux (Lab-STICC)
Caroline Prodhon (UTT)
Eric Bourreau (LIRMM)
Philippe Lacomme (LIMOS)
Sonai Vacquier (LIX)
Frédéric Saubion (LERIA)

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