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hardware ARchitectures and CAD tools

ARCAD is a pluridisciplinary team in electrical and computer engineering composed of members from the several institutions (by alphabetical order) : CNRS, ENSTA Bretagne, IMT Atlantique, Université de Bretagne Occidentale et Université Bretagne Sud. Geographically, about half of the team is located in Brest on ENSTA, IMT and UBO sites; the other half are in Lorient on UBS site.


The main scientific topics in the ARCAD team include:

  • hardware architectures:
    • analog/digital functions, computation units, IP blocks
    • accelerators, special purpose processors
    • reconfigurables architectures: CGRA, special purpose, virtual
    • parallel architectures
    • secure architectures, protections against logical and physical attacks
  • tools and software support:
    • special purpose CAD tools: synthesis, P&R, operator/circuit generation
    • high-level synthesis
    • low-level libraries for our architectures
  • for objectives in:
    • high performances
    • low energy consumption
    • high security (resistance to attacks) et reliability (resistance to fauts)
    • low cost (small silicon area and flexibility by reconfiguration)
Latest announcements

Seminaire Lab-STICC - Axe Drone- Kalinka Branco le 14/02 à 10h Amphi F (UBO)


Kalinka Branco, professeure brésilienne à l'université de Sao Paulo propose de présenter ses activités de recherche dans le cadre d'un séminaire Lab-STICC-Axe drone. Titre: Safe and Security: Challenges and Opportunities Date et Lieu: Mercredi 14 f…

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Invited talk by Steven Derrien on Speculative Loop Pipelining for Hardware Synthesis


Time: Friday, 10th of November from 14h to 15h30 Place: IMT Atlantique (Brest campus, room K02-100) You can also connect with Webex (which runs with any web browser), with the credentials provided at the end. Organizer: Matthieu Arzel Abstract: Custo…

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PHC-Parrot “SUITED: Secure IoT Edge Device” (2021-2022)”


We had the pleasure to welcome Yannick Le Moullec and Kanwal Ashraf from TalTech in the context of the PHC-Parrot “SUITED: Secure IoT Edge Device” project to discuss machine learning techniques applied to objects recognition and RISC-V implementation…

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