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PhD Fabrice POIRIER - Multimodal IoT - Orange


  • PhD title: Multimodal Interactions for Internet of Things
  • INUIT Theme 1
  • Thesis dates: 12/2019 – 12/01/2022
  • Supervision: T. Duval – A. Foulonneau – J. Lacoche
  • Context/Funding: CIFRE – Orange Labs Rennes
  • General Goal:
    • Provide new methodology and tool to make easier the creation of MIBS (Multimodal IoT Based Systems)
  • Scientific challenges:
    • To propose a new Life Cycle for MIBS according to all categories of people involved in the process
    • To assess the interest of Virtual Reality to help configuration and deployment of MIBS
  • Keywords: Multimodal interaction, IoT, Simulation, Virtual Reality
  • Contribution:
    • Definition of a Multimodal IoT-based Systems (MIBS) concept and proposal (HUCAPP 2022 article)
    • Implementation and evaluation of a Virtual Reality tool for configuring and evaluating the usability of a MIBS (HUCAPP 2023 article)
  • Perspective:
    • Ease the MIBS installation in the real environment based on the configurations made in VR