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The CoSyDe research team aims to design digital telecommunication systems. Its research activities rely on mathematics, signal processing and information theory.

The main concern is the definition of transmit waveforms and receiver schemes adapted to the context, by taking into account the propagation channel model, the hardware properties and the specific application constraints (packet size, maximum delay, minimum reliability requirement, multiple access, MIMO, interference management, physical layer security...)

The CoSyDe team is keen on practical implementation of the schemes that it defines. It has thus acquired strong experimentation and demonstration capacities to design test-beds for real-time signal processing dedicated to underwater acoustic communications and for RF communications (software-defined radio). The underwater acoustic communication test-bed is used for experiment compaigns (e.g. in the Atlantic ocean). The team skills in underwater acoustic communications is particularly worldwide well-known.

Its main research themes are

  • underwater communication networks,
  • mobile communication platforms (multiple drone-based),
  • millimeter-wave Massive MIMO systems,
  • satellite communications for IoT,
  • opportunistic communications.

Keywords: modulation, detection, estimation, synchronization, multiple access techniques