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Architectectures, Microwaves & Photonic Systems

High-speed digital transmission is a crucial issue in our modern societies and is a vector of progress in a variety of fields, with an ever-increasing number of applications and services and an explosive demand for bandwidth. Optical transmission, on fiber or wireless, is a key technology to meet this challenge and satisfy the constraints of massive throughput, reliability and energy efficiency. In addition, microwave-photonics technology meets the challenges of future telecom or radar systems, for its advantages including reduced size and weight of RF devices as well as immunity to electromagnetic interference. This technology allows the acquisition, transport and multichannel processing of broadband RF signals by wavelength division multiplexing and remote units.

 The ASMP team has a multidisciplinary research project focused on the performance optimization of photonics and microwave-photonics systems, combining investigations on the calibration and configuration of the devices involved, architectures design as well as agile compensation of hardware impairments via digital signal processing and machine learning. The consideration of realistic device models is an important feature of our theoretical work, typically extended by a proof of concept using our experimental facilities (coherent optical communication, microwave-photonics systems, power-over-fiber, optical networks and component characterization). The fields of application are varied: telecoms, space, sea, agri-food, defense.

The team's scientific project is structured around 3 research axes:

  • Photonics Systems and Architectures
  • Microwave Photonics functions and Radio-over-Fiber
  • Optical Physical layer Monitoring and Compensation


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  As part of the UBO / IBNM chair of excellence CyberIoT on the physical layer security where the Lab-STICC and the LMBA are involved, a special session on "Full-duplex communications for 5G & Beyond and IoT applications" has been proposed at the Int…

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