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Meetings & Seminars

  • 23/06/2023, Réunion d'équipe ASMP
  • 23/06/2023, Séminaire
    • Mahdi KASMI, "Influence of frequency mapping on intermodulation distortion in an SOA-based optical fronthaul C-RAN architecture for 5G communications"
    • Jana RAMADAN, "Enhancement of the switching performance of a SOA-MZI by mutual coupling with an SOA"
  • 10/11/2022, Réunion d'équipe ASMP
  • 07/11/2022, Journée du pôle SyPH
  • 17/03/2022, Réunion d'équipe ASMP
  • 17/03/2022, Séminaire
    • Alexandru FRUNZA, « A Parametric Network for the Global Compensation of Physical Layer Impairments in Coherent Optical Communications »
  • 10/11/2021, Réunion d'équipe ASMP
  • 07/10/2021, Séminaire
    • Abraham SOTOMAYOR, "Neural Networks applied to Nonlinearity mitigation in Long Haul Optical Transmision Systems"
    • Raed AL HASSANIEH, "Time Domain Numerical Study of Two Laser Cavity Structures based on Semiconductor Optical Amplifier"
  • 07/10/2021, Réunion d'équipe ASMP
  • 20/05/2021, Séminaire
    • Romildo Henrique de Souza, "Interactions between MicroWave Photonics (MWP) and Power Over Fiber (PoF) technologies in the framework of self-powered remote RF sensors".
    • Maeva Franco, "Refroidissement des composants photoniques et impact sur les amplificateurs optiques à semi-conducteurs".
      Alexandru Frunza, "Global Estimation and Compensation of Linear Effects in Coherent Optical Systems based on Nonlinear Least Squares".
  • 25/02/2021, Réunion d'équipe ASMP