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The "Security, Intelligence and Integrity of Information" (SI3) team designs and develops methods, algorithms and solutions for securing the physical layer of future communications and transmission systems. Its contributions are also used to test the deployed standards and systems or to carry out the corresponding "reverse engineering" for our institutional defense or regulatory partners in this field. In this area, everything can be considered as a challenge, because most of the reception processing is generally performed blindly and/or with very severe operational constraints in terms of stealth, threshold of noise level, self or external interference, power consumption, spectral efficiency, security, etc.

These research topics are at the border of signal processing, mathematics, "classical" and quantum information theory, and require coping with strong criteria and constraints related to operational, confidential, secure and other hardware aspects of the considered applications.

The targeted application fields are mainly tactical communications in the defense and space domains, radio spectrum monitoring, Cognitive Radio, securing restricted access areas and critical systems, drones, the Internet of Things (IoT ), Smart factory, Intelligent and/or autonomous cars, radars embedded in vehicles.


  • Signals and Communications Intelligence (SIGINT & COMINT) and Cognitive Radio :
    • communications interception and analysis;
    • Spectrum monitoring;
    • Detection by RF Fingerprinting of transmission systems;
    • Error Correcting Codes recognition and reconstruction;
    • Compressed sampling and sensing of wideband signals;
    • Management of intelligent networks and Cognitive Radio.
  • Communications Physical Layer Security:
    • Stealth or low probability of interception communications;
    • Securing and authentication of communications by RF Fingerprinting;
    • Smart jamming;
    • Robust detection and error correcting codes against interference and jamming;
    • Full-Duplex Communications;
    • Optimization of IR-UWB waveforms.
  • Quantum Information Security & Integrity :
    • Short quantum error correcting codes;
    • Quantum walks;
    • Secure Quantum Communications Schemes.

Keywords:Detection, Communications Interception and analysis, Spectrum monitoring, Cognitive Radio, SDR, Detection of Drones and IoT, RF Fingerprinting, Codanalysis / Codanalyzer, Quantum information, Parsimony, Compressed sampling, Optimization of IR waveforms- UWB, Full-Duplex, MIMO, Precoding, Time reversal, Beamforming, Interference cancellation

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Seminar of Prof. Neelakandan (IIT Goa) on Spatial Modulation and Beamforming for IRS Assisted MIMO and mmWave Communication


Prof. Neelakandan from IIT Goa will present his research on Spatial Modulation and Beamforming for IRS Assisted MIMO and mmWave Communication at 9am on November 28th 2022. Room K2-100, IMT Atlantique, Brest Campus. For online attendants, send an em…

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Workshop on cyber-protection and cyber-defense in 5G/6G networks


The Lab-STICC laboratory organizes the “1st International Workshop on “Cyber-protection and cyber-defense in 5G/6G networks”. This workshop will be held in conjunction with the 25th Conference on Innovation in Clouds, Internet and Networks (ICIN 2022…

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Special session "Full-duplex communications for 5G & Beyond and IoT applications" - ATC Conference


  As part of the UBO / IBNM chair of excellence CyberIoT on the physical layer security where the Lab-STICC and the LMBA are involved, a special session on "Full-duplex communications for 5G & Beyond and IoT applications" has been proposed at the Int…

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