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The implication of the team in different projects and consortia gives an idea of our research activities in regional, national and international level. Indicatively :

Principal projects/partnerships

  • Project ANR CominLabs LEASARD
  • Chair M@D (Maintien en Domicile)
  • Project EU-Japon eVITA
  • Project HIT (Handicap Innovation Territoire)
  • Project ECFVisuL (Continuous and automatic evaluation of human functional capacity at home based on computer vision)
  • Project Mementop (Plan de Relance)
  • Collaboration with CNRS IRL "CROSSING"

Flagship activities

  • Organization of RoboCup 2023 (led by Prof. Dominique Duhaut)
  • Participation to Robocup@Home

Current doctorate theses

  • Assistance au déplacement pour des personnes malvoyantes basée sur la vision par ordinateur - Nacer DJERADA
  • Dialogue variants and language levels in sub-saharan Africa - Accounting for sociolectic and idiolectic parameters for the dynamic adaptation of a vocal robot to the speaker profile - Papa Séga WADE
  • Metric, dense and real-time 3D Mapping - Yassine HABIB
  • Proactive robot assistance to ADLs by contextual robot interaction - Cédric LE BONO
  • Robot Manipulation Learning using Generative Adversarial Networks - Mohamed Khalil JABRI
  • Semantic Segmentation of Industrial 3D Scenes - Romain CAZORLA
  • Anticipative Motion Planning for Robots. Application to RoboCup Soccer - Antoine DIZET

Completed doctorate theses