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Our interest is in (methods and tools) to (specify and describe) (systems and software) so that (evaluation and analysis) ((increase confidence) and (ensure (safety and security))).

We use:

  • System modeling; because the product needs to be described
  • Process modeling and process improvement; because the development process is a key to safety, security and more generally confidence

We rely on:

  • Models federation; because many points of view need to be merged.
  • Free modeling; because points of views are specific and no framework (meta-model) can catch all points of view.
  • Formal Verification at all stages, all levels: intra-model, inter-models.
  • Mixing automatic and semi-automatic techniques

For more details, you can browse our publications or our team web site on https://p4s.enstb.org.

Les annonces d'emploi

Offre de thèse / PhD position


(Model-based) Continuous Secure Evolution of Software System’ Artefacts. Location: IMT Atlantique, BrestStart date: September/October 2021Keywords: software engineering, software evolution, security, model-driven engineering.Team : P4S/SHARP/LabSTIC…

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Post doctorat position in Software engineering at Lab-STICC for 18 months


 A post-doctoral position in software engineering is open as of June 1st at the Lab-STICC, Team P4S, based at ENSTA Bretagne. This position is linked to a project on the theme of the industry of the future in the aeronautic domain. The topic is focus…

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