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New contracts

  • February 2021 : Yuliya DADOENKOVA starts her contract as an Associate Professor (at ENIB) with a grant from Collège de France
  • February 2021 : beginning of the PhD contract of Alan GARDIN (in Australia, with IMT Atlantique)
  • October 2021 : beginning of the PhD contract of Guillaume BOURCIN (at IMT Atlantique)
  • November 2021 : beginning of the Research Engineer contract of Franck KOUASSI (at IMT Atlantique)
  • December 2021 : beginning of the PhD contract of Loïc TEMDIE KOM (at IMT Atlantique)
  • October 2022 : beginning of the PhD contract of Maxime ARDISSON (at IMT Atlantique)
  • February 2023 : Yuliya DADOENKOVA starts her contract as a Research Engineer at ENIB
  • December 2023 : beginning of the PhD contract of Nikodem LEŚNIEWSKI (at ENIB)



  • 26 January 2022 : Yuliya DADOENKOVA defends her Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches
  • 5 December 2022 : Igor GLUKHOV defends his PhD
  • 3 May 2023 : Vincent CASTEL defends his Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches


Financed projects

  • October 2022 : launch of the ANR project "ICARUS" (spIn-CAvitronics foR disrUptive RF applicationS), a collaboration between the NSF team at IMT Atlantique and companies Thales RT and Elliptika



  • October 2021 : Igor GLUKHOV won the Prize for the Best Oral Presentation at the 24th Inter-Russian Conference of Young Scientists devoted to « Actual Problems in Physical and Functional Electronics » for his presentation titled "Controlling the displacement of a reflected Gaussian beam by means of spatial modulation of its phase". The conference took place in October 2021 and was attended by young scientists from the entire Russian Federation
  • July 2023 : Seminar on the subject of the control of ultrafast spin transport given by Dr. Benjamin JUNGFLEISCH, Assistant Professor at the University of Delaware (USA), during his visit to IMT Atlantique as part of a "Thomas Jefferson" project in collaboration with Vincent VLAMINCK
  • August 2023 : Loïc TEMDIE KOM (PhD student, NSF team and MO department at IMT Atlantique) received an award for the poster titled "Wave-vector dependence of the relaxation time for exchange spin waves" he presented at the 8th International Workshop on Magnonics that took place from July 30th to August 3rd 2023 in Le Touquet (France). This conference gathers researchers working in particular in the field of magnetization dynamics through spin waves
  • January 2024 : Seminar given by Prof. Maciej KRAWCZYK, from Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań (Poland) on the topic "Excitation of high-frequency short-wavelength spin waves". This seminar took place in the frame of Nikodem LEŚNIEWSKI's PhD, that started in December 2023 under the joint supervision of Florian BENTIVEGNA (NSF team, ENIB) and Prof. KRAWCZYK, in close collaboration with Dr. Yuliya DADOENKOVA (IRDL, ENIB)