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MOTEL « MOdels and Tools for Enhanced Learning » takes part of the research community EIAH (in French, Environnements Informatiques pour l’Apprentissage Humain”) - Computing Environments for Human Learning.

MOTEL works on several subjects that contribute with computing human-centred tools, methods and models for Education using an experimental approach.

This team investigates Learning Analytics methods and Artificial Intelligence for Education to tackle many issues related to teaching and learning such as personalisation, assessment, collaboration, engagement, self-regulation, game-based learning, etc. This comprises computer science education research, online learning platforms, MOOCs, blended learning, lifelong learning, etc.

MOTEL  adopts a multidisciplinary approach in its research and undergoes several collaborations both inside the Lab-STICC and outside.

Les annonces d'emploi

PhD position, 36-months: Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, E-Education


Supporting Self-Regulation Learning Using Dynamic Bayesian Networks  Abstract. Self-regulation is a well-established concept for which we already know different learning strategies, including cognitive strategies (reviewing courses, organizing infor…

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