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PhD theses

Ongoing PhD theses

  • Ziad Tlaiss, Automatic Troubleshooting of Deeply Encrypted Internet (2020-2023)
  • Sanaa Gandhi, New statistical methods for network monitoring (2020-2023)
  • Robin Duraz, Machine Learning Analysis for the Detection and Classification of Cyber ​​Attacks on Board Ships (2021-2024)
  • Colin Troisemaine, Exploratory methods for the diagnosis of networks (2021-2024)
  • Stanislas Mareschal de Charentenay, Swarm intelligence and management of conflicts N vs. P (2023-2026)
  • Pierre Chareaux, Proactive and mobile defense for improving the security of virtualized networks (2023-2026)

Recently defended PhD theses

  • Ziad Tlaiss, Automated network packet traces analysis methods for fault recognition and TCP flavor identification, defended on december 21st 2023
  • Sanaa Gandhi, Analysis of network delay measurements: data mining methods for completion and segmentation, defended on december 15th 2023
  • Vincent Messié, Trust Mechanisms for Connectivity Network Services in a Multiaccess Edge Computing Context, defended on november 18th 2022
  • Minqi Wang, Introduction of virtualization technologies (SDN/NFV) in the optical access network, defended on november 3rd 2022
  • Amine Echraibi, Graphical probabilistic models : theory and applications to network diagnosis, defended on december 6th 2021
  • Anas El Ankouri, Study of optical access solutions in line with the interfaces of the Radio Access Network, defended on may 5th 2021
  • Maxime Mouchet, Robust internet delay modeling and smart monitoring schemes for automating overlay networks, defended on november 27th 2020
  • Antoine Saverimoutou, Future Internet Metrics: New Metrics and Methods for Measuring Web Browsing Quality, defended on may 15th 2020
  • Ayman Chouayakh, Dynamic stakeholder games and auction mechanisms for spectrum management in 5G networks, defended on march 10th 2020