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Open Positions

Supervision/contact: Alexis Nédelec nedelec@enib.fr, Nassim Mokhtari mokhtari@enib.fr (internship in the INUIT team, in partnership with COMMEDIA)

Supervision: Mihai Andries, Anne-Gwenn Bosser (internship in the RAMBO team, in partnership with COMMEDIA)

Supervision/contact: Florence Dupin de Saint-Cyr - Bannay bannay@enib.fr and Anne-Gwenn Bosser bosser@enib.fr 

Supervision/contact: Olivier Augereau augereau@enib.fr 

Supervision/contact: Elisabetta Bevacqua bevacqua@enib.fr , Gireg Desmeulles desmeulles@enib.fr 

Supervision/contact: Florence Dupin de Saint-Cyr - Bannay bannay@enib.fr 

(in partnership with the IRIT Lab in Toulouse)

    • Development of a virtual environment for the medical care of alcohol use disorders

Supervision / contact:  Nathalie Le Bigot nathalie.lebigot@univ-brest.fr Anne-Gwenn Bosser bosser@enib.fr 

    • Meta-Jokes: Developing and evaluating strategies for the animation of humorous utterances using Meta-Humans ECAs

Supervision / contact: Fred Charles fcharles@bournemouth.ac.uk Anne-Gwenn Bosser bosser@enib.fr 

(at Bournemouth University, in partnership with Birgit Lugrin, Multimedia Chair at Wurzburg University)

    • AI assisted analysis of multimedia informational campaigns: this internship is offered by the Defense Ministry, will be cosupervised in Brest by Anne-Gwenn Bosser and Eric Maisel in Brest and Olivier Quillet, and may lead to a PhD offer within our team.

Internship offer in Analysis of Multimedia campaigns



  • Thesis offers:

We are looking for a candidate for a funded Phd in collaboration with the university of Flinders, Australia.

Narratives for Multi-Robot Event Recognition:

Narratives Proposal short

  • Other

The ENIB is currently hiring for a post-doc position (with hours of teaching) which can be hosted in our team. 

Postdoctoral position at ENIB/Lab-STICC (CHI, AI, RV):