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From sensors to knowledge: Communicate and decide

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Data, Models, Information, Decisions
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Software and Hardware, ARchitectures and Processes
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Traitement et Transmission de l’Information, algorIthme et Intégration
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A few words from the Director


Welcome on the new Lab-STICC web site!!!

Do not hesitate to discover the new organization of the Unit (set-up on January 1rst, 2021) structured around 25 research teams, grouped within 9 scientific departments.

Highlighting expertise along well-identified scientific orientations, overall scientific consistency, positioning on major research issues, here are some elements that have guided our analysis to build this new scientific framework. The ambition shared by the researchers and the management staff of the unit is to make the research activities of the Lab-STICC visible, readable and identifiable (Who we are ? / How we differentiate ourselves? - What are our strengths ?) in the National and European research laboratories panorama in the domain of Information and Communication Technologies and their Interactions.

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Christian PERSON, Professor
Director of Lab-STICC


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Latest announcements

Special session "Full-duplex communications for 5G & Beyond and IoT applications" - ATC Conference


  As part of the UBO / IBNM chair of excellence CyberIoT on the physical layer security where the Lab-STICC and the LMBA are involved, a special session on "Full-duplex communications for 5G & Beyond and IoT applications" has been proposed at the Int…

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The Lab-STICC wins the "Connected Bridges" call for projects


Structures, and more particularly bridges in the road networks, represent major strategic and socio-economic challenges for a territory. Guaranteeing their good condition is a necessity to ensure their durability and the safety of users.   The "Conne…

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Source and channel coding in support of machine learning: Project CoLearn (Coding for Learning) has been awarded CominLabs Labex funding


Every minute, 500 hours of video are uploaded on Youtube, and 240,000 images are added on Facebook. Since it is physically impossible that this huge mass of data is entirely processed and visualized by humans, there is an absolute need to rely on adv…

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Open positions

CIFRE PhD position with Orange Labs : Joint optimization of a code/decoder pair through reinforcement learning


All information (context, work description and work conditions) is available at https://orange.jobs/jobs/offer.do?joid=100693&lang=FR  

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PhD Position: Development and evaluation of a side-channelresistant RISC-V processor


Context This Ph.D. position takes place in the context of the Labex CominLabs SCRATCHS (Side-Channel Resistant ApplicationsThrough Co-designed Hardware/Software) project. SCRATCHS is a collaboration between researchers in the fields of for-mal metho…

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PhD position, 36-months: Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, E-Education


Supporting Self-Regulation Learning Using Dynamic Bayesian Networks  Abstract. Self-regulation is a well-established concept for which we already know different learning strategies, including cognitive strategies (reviewing courses, organizing infor…

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Save the dates
Jun 21, 2021

Combinatorial optimization and interpretable machine learning


The DAAO (Data, Machine Learning, and Optimization) group of the GDR RO is pleased to announce the o…

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Jun 22, 2021

FPGAs et calcul dans les groupes finis


Séminaire par Yannick Saouter, CNRS, Lab-STICC,  équipe Codes. Mardi 22 juin 2021, 14h, visio-confér…

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Jul 6, 2021

Applications of Mathematical Optimization in Wireless Communications


Jocelyn Edinio ZACKO GBADOUBISSA Graduated from AIMS (African Institute for Mathematical Sciences, C…

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