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 The research topics of this team mainly include the sound perception, especially spatial perception and evaluation of sound reproduction systems. Some works are fundamental and other ones are applied to audiovisual media, especially 3D sound (WFS, HOA, binaural) for cinema or musique (live or recorded). These topics are particularly related to the “Image & Sound” training program of the University of Brest.


Moreover this team works about musical acoustics (especially about reeds) and about auditory risks related to sound reinforcement.



Psychoacoustics, Spatial perception, 3D sound, Percepual evaluation, Headphone, Binaural technologies, Wave Field Synthesis, Audiovisual perception, Directional loudness, Movie, Sound reinforcement, monaural Cues, Hearing impairment.



Spatial perception

- Ventriloquism effect (azimuth and distance)

- Directional loudness (azimuth and distance)

- Distance perception of moving sources    

- Elevation Perception

- Unilateral hearing loss (link between localization and intelligibility)

Evaluation of sound reproduction systems

- Dynamic binaural technology : evaluation, externalization

- Assessment procedures applied to loudspeaker sound quality

- Modification of Mushra procédure for 3D sound

- Audibility of headphone successive placements

- Effect of audiovisuel coherence in movie, music (recordings or live), and virtual reality

Musical acoustics

- Reeds : perceptual factors and objective (mechanic and signal) measures (saxophone and bapipe drones)

- Influence of wood species on woodwind manufacture (bagpipe oboes)

- Links between sound perception and composition

Auditory risks related to sound reinforcement

- “at-risk” subjects

- repeated exposures

- in situ measures (hidden hearing loss, audiometry, tinnitus)



- Edison3D (Edition et Diffusion Sonore spatialisée en 3 dimensions) – ANR CONTINT

- Cross Channel Film Lab - european project InterReg



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