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I am a PhD student in Cognitive Psychology, working in the COgnition, Models, and Machines for Engaging Digital Interactive Applications team (COMMEDIA) at the Laboratoire des Sciences et Techniques de l'Information de la Communication et de la Conna…

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Past Projects

SAD/APRE 2020 (COLABNBOOK) Period : 2021-2023 The project is financed by the Brittany Region (Région Bretagne) via "Stratégie d’Attractivité Durable (SAD)" program, aimed at the integration of researchers (associate professors) newly arrived in Britt…

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DE LOOR Pierre

Head of the INTERACTION pole from 2021. He was Co-leader of the research group  IHSEV (Human System Interaction and VirtualEnvironment) from 2012 to 2020 and also Head of the European Center for Virtual Reality (CERV) during 3 years. He wrote his do…

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