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Faculty - Université de Bretagne Sud

Gael Morel
Team : FHOOX  
Position : Associate professor
email : 
Address : ENSIBS - 17 bd Flandres Dunkerque - 56100 LORIENT

Associate Professor at the Université Bretagne Sud, I obtained my Ph.D. in 2007. In continuation with my thesis work, my research activities deal with the issue of Resilience Engineering and Safety in complex systems.

My teachings, delivered in the Health, Safety & Environment Department at the Institute of technology in Lorient, are consistent with my research work. They focus on risk management, human and organisational factors or Occupational health and safety management systems.

I am particularly interested in the articulation of the concepts of resilience and safety, which are used in many different fields. Thus, my research attempts to make the link between: 1. Resilience engineering; 2. Risk and accident management; 3.Safety culture. The main challenge is to propose new risk and accident management models that enable organizations to adapt and cope with perturbations they are experiencing.

The applied nature of my work has led me to establish close collaborations with companies, local authorities and/or prevention organizations (e.g. Dedale, Maritime Institute of Prevention, Total, Lactalis, Brittany Ferries, SDIS56, National Institute for Research and Safety, etc.).