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Faculty - ENIB

Position : Associate professor
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Olivier Augereau is an associate professor in computer science, doing research in a multidisciplinary team that focuses on interactions between humans and systems. He is director of CERV (European Center of Virtual Reality, a research platform including ~40 researchers), invited researcher at Osaka Prefecture University and senior researcher at Keio Media Design.

During his PhD in Bordeaux University, Olivier’s research was focused on computer vision and machine learning. At the end of his PhD, he was promoted at the head of the research and development team at Gestform, a digitizing company hiring more than 300 employees. Two years later he moved to Osaka where he worked with Prof. Koichi Kise during 5 years on two national projects. He did research about ubiquitous and affective computing based on eye-trackers, physiological sensors and cameras.

Curently Olivier is co-supervising three PhD students on:

  • Procedural Learning in VR
  • Augmenting collaboration in VR
  • Explainable AI for end users