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Séminaire Equipe SI3 : Jeudi 28 avril de 10h à 12h salle C108 UFR Sciences UBO

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Le jeudi 28 avril de 10h à 12h s'est tenu, en présentiel dans la salle de séminaire C108 du Dépt Elec de l'UFR Sciences de l'UBO, un séminaire de l’Équipe SI3 où deux doctorantes de 1ère et seconde année ont fait une présentation de leurs travaux de thèse.

Tous les membres de l'équipe SI3 étaient cordialement invités (permanents et non-permanents).

Titres et Résumés des présentations :

Présentation de Zaynab BAYDOUN :

TITLE : Impulse Radio UWB Signal Detection Based on Compressed Sampling

ABSTRACT: The presentation given by Zaynab BAYDOUN will provide a global view of her thesis entitled "Ultra Wide Band Integrated Optical-and-Digital Approach for Smart Factory". Some key aspects will be also discussed on the compressed detection of IR-UWB signals, which aims at reducing the sampling rate for the digital signal processing under the Nyquist limit, by using the sparse representation of the received signal.

Présentation de Zeinab KTEISH:

TITLE: Estimation of the Primary User’s Beam Width to Improve Simultaneous Transmissions.

ABSTRACT: The presentation highlights the aspects of the thesis entitled “Improvement of Spectral and Spatial Efficiency by Source Localization Approaches for Cognitive Radio.” The simultaneous transmission of the
primary (PU) and the secondary (SU) users on the same band is discussed based on the directional transmission of users. The first task to be done is to determine the angular interval occupied by the PU’s beam.
This will be explained thoroughly in this presentation based on two diverse solutions that have been published by two conferences. An interference-free transmission of the network users will be also explored.

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