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Distributed Intelligence on a Group of Autonomous Systems Under Resource and Communication Constraints

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Full PhD topic description is available through AUFRANDE site: https://aufrande.eu/position/dc58/

We are seeking outstanding candidates for a PhD fellowship through the Australia-France Network of Doctoral Excellence (AUFRANDE Program), co-funded by the European Union. The PhD position is entitled DISTRIBUTED INTELLIGENCE ON A GROUP OF AUTONOMOUS SYSTEMS UNDER RESOURCE AND COMMUNICATION CONSTRAINTS.

PhD-Awarding Institutions: IMT Atlantique (France) and Flinders University (Australia)

This project will investigate efficient reasoning processes, communication strategies and underlying low-level control mechanisms necessary to coordinate heterogeneous teams of autonomous marine vehicles, in dynamic and uncertain environments. In this work, the autonomous agents must achieve a common agreement, via a negotiation procedure, in order to solve complex problems collaboratively. Under this collaborative framework, each agent will have distinct resources, abilities, viewpoints, and priorities. Embedded computing, storage and communications resources of the autonomous agents are limited but can be used to learn and execute. We expect this solution to be general enough to allow for heterogeneous teams operating across air, surface, and underwater domains, and also between artificial and human agents. Therefore, our aim is the development of a mixed-initiative system, where the interaction and negotiation between the agents will maximise their resources to optimise the successful execution of a common task.

Successful applicants are expected to start in October 2023. They will be part of a unique doctoral training program offering:

  • Excellent employment conditions at one of the top-class 22 French Institutions participating in the program
  • Up to 12 months secondments in one of our 15 Australian partner Universities
  • Dual doctorates (France + Australia)
  • Outstanding training aimed at fostering scientific, technical and transferable skills including workshops in both France and Australia
  • Involvement of industry partners

Applications are open to candidates from all over the world who have not lived in France for more than 12 months over the last 3 years (i.e. from April 2020). The deadline for applications is 11 April 11h59 PM CET.


Application Information

Applicants will be evaluated on a set of evaluation criteria including academic merit, scientific quality and research potential, ability to carry out a research project and work in an international context.

PhD application, and further information, only through the AUFRANDE site: https://aufrande.eu/

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