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Faculty - Université de Bretagne Occidentale

Team : DH  
Position : Full professor
email : 
Address : BREST

Marc Le Roy is Professor (HDR) in the DH team (Microwaves Devices) at MatRF research department at Lab-STICC lab (UMR CNRS 6285). His research activities deal with the modelization and design of passive and active microwave devices such as nonuniform and periodic structures (EBG), filters, amplifiers, phase shifters, antennas, baluns... He currently investigates on the design of wideband tunable devices such as analog and digital phase shifters, negative group delay (NGD), non-Foster active circuits, and Full-Duplex RF front-ends. He was a co-organizer of the 22nd and 23rd IEEE Workshop on Signal and Power Integrity (SPI) in Brest and Chambery and also served as program Chair for SPI conference 2019.