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BOSSER Anne-Gwenn

Faculty - ENIB

Position : Associate professor
email : 

I am currently co-leading the COMMEDIA team with Nathalie Le Bigot.

I am interested in Computational Narratives and their applications to games (sometimes but not always of the serious variety).

I have also an interest in believable agents (populating games and storytelling experiences or the world as our companions), believable language and dialogue generation systems (including some aspects of computational humour), and their evaluation.

I defended a Habilitation à Diriger les Recherches (HDR) in October 2022: Machines pour Raconter.

I have backgrounds in Philosophy and Logics, and my PhD is in Computer Science from Paris 7. Previously, I have hold academic positions at Teesside University (IVE Lab - Senior Lecturer in Games Programming - UK), CNAM Paris (CEDRIC - postdoc - France), Kwansei Gakuin University (postdoc - JSPS fellow - Japan).

As a non-academic, I have been working in the game industry during the wild early years of online games development.

I am currently supervising the PhD of Yann Glémarec and Maëlic Néau.

Join us for the JOKER track at CLEF 2023 to experiment with a wordplay corpus! 


Other roles:

  • Member of the Cécilia college of the AFIA (French Association for Artificial Intelligence), a strucuture supporting the organization of mediation or competitive events in AI.
  • Co-coordinator for the GT AI and Games of the GDR IA (Research Group on AI).
  • Special Needs referent for students at ENIB

Here is an outdated web-page on the ENIB website.

I am working on a fractional basis (70%), there may be delays before I answer an email.