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BOSSER Anne-Gwenn

Faculty - ENIB

Position : Associate professor
email : 

I am currently leading the COMMEDIA team.

I am interested in Computational Narratives and their applications to games (sometimes but not always of the serious variety).

I have also an interest in believable characters (populating games and storytelling experiences), and their evaluation.

I have backgrounds in Philosophy and Logics, and my PhD is in Computer Science from Paris 7. Previously, I have hold academic positions at Teesside University (IVE Lab - Senior Lecturer in Games Programming - UK), CNAM Paris (CEDRIC - postdoc - France), Kwansei Gakuin University (postdoc - JSPS fellow - Japan).

As a non-academic, I have been working in the game industry during the wild early years of online games development.

I am currently supervising the PhD of Yann Glémarec and Maëlic Néau.

Here is an outdated web-page on the ENIB website.

I am working on a fractional basis (70%), there may be delays before I answer an email.