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Cryptographic implementations


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We work on various types of cryptographic implementations for both hardware (ASICs and FPGAs) and software targets (from microcontrollers to high-end multicore processors):

(hyper)-ellipitic curve cryptography (ECC)

  • homomorphic encryption (HE)
  • post-quantum cryptography (PQC)
  • arithmetic for cryptography: operators/units, accelerators, librairies
  • protections against physical attacks (observation of side channels, perturbation by fault injection)
  • protections against logical attacks
  • hash functions
  • processor extensions for cryptographic support (symmetric, asymmetric, hash)


Our work on cryptographic implementations also has links to other topics of the ARCAD research group such as computer arithmetic, secure hardware achitectures, reconfigurable architectures, protections against physical attacks


Current and past PhD students:

  • Morgane VOLMEUR, 2020-2023, in progress, PEC grant funded by DGA (UBO administrative management), PhD thesis on "Software RNS support for homomorphic encryption on parallel processors"
  • Libey DJATH
  • Ghita HARCHA
  • Gabriel GALLIN


Our hardware/software developments: