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Current PhD programs

Joseph Thompson (2023-) "Integrating machine learning methods into meta-heuristics: an algorithm selection-cooperation system for solving combinatorial optimization problems" Joseph Thompson is a Ph.D. student in joint supervision with Polytechnique …

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Past Projects

GTNUM 2020 (IA-EO)          Period : 2020-2022 This project is part of the Digital Thematic Working Groups (GTNum) 2020-2022, launched by the Ministry of Education (DNE). This project is led by the University of Nantes, and co-led by the Lab-STICC on…

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DE LOOR Pierre

Head of the INTERACTION pole from 2021. He was Co-leader of the research group  IHSEV (Human System Interaction and Virtual Environment) from 2012 to 2020 and also Head of the European Center for Virtual Reality (CERV) during 3 years. He wrote his do…

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