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Post-doc position : Data Science, Learning Analytics, E-Education - CDD 24 month


Abstract :

A current trend in higher education is to provide students with group work activities. Existing research has focused on studying the effectiveness of this approach and impact on learner success. Several studies have shown that cooperation in learning is an important factor for success in higher education (Vaughan 2002, Kooloos et al 2011). For instance, there is an interest in the way group dynamics (equitable, individually dominated group...) impact individual educational outcomes (Theobald 2017). Student attitudes have a strong impact on group dynamics and on academic performance. Therefore, it is important for a teacher to monitor these dynamics, to better understand student productions and make decisions. However, few tools exist to help teachers monitor group dynamics in a meaningful way.

This project aims to improve an existing digital platform called LabNbook (http://labnbook.imag.fr). Evolutions will concern the design of a new tool based on Learning Analytics to provide visual indicators through learning dashboards on the basis of learning data. This will support teachers in the assessment of group skills and make decisions on the interventions to be carried out. This project will also include an evaluation of the dashboards usage and impacts in practice within a scholarly context.

Keywords. Group work, Learning Analytics Dashboards, User Experience, LabNbook, Usage and Impact Evaluation

Missions :
The candidate will conduct a preliminary literature review, as well as a need analysis of users in the French academic context (teachers and students), to define relevant indicators characterizing group work. The candidate will also handle the existing dashboard of the LabNbook platform, and other advanced functionalities which are under development.
The candidate will design the expected improvements that will be integrated into the LabNbook platform. This mission will be conducted with the LabNbook team, which continuously carries out the design and the development of the existing activity dashboard, as well as research on relevant indicators to visualize by collecting data and using Learning Analytics.
He/she will conduct experiments in order to validate the research findings regarding the platform usage evaluation and the dashboard appropriation comprising the new implemented functionalities.

Principal activities :
- Handling the existing LabNbook platform and dashboard.
- Defining relevant indicators on collaboration/cooperation in group work, on the basis of literature.
- Analyzing data and developing appropriate algorithms to calculate these indicators.
- Proposing appropriate visualizations.
- Improving the existing dashboard.
- Analyzing and evaluating usages, especially teachers’ usages.



IMT Atlantique, Lab-STICC Laboratory, Technopôle Brest-Iroise CS 29 238 Brest. France.
The candidate will benefit from a multidisciplinary working context. Interactions with different actors from different institutions and disciplines are planned (IMT Atlantique, UGA, UBO).

Duration :

24 months from the beginning of September/October 2021, 2021 (no later than January 2022).


References :
Kooloos J.G., Klaassen T., Vereijken M., Van Kuppeveld S., Bolhuis S., Vorstenbosch M., Collaborative group work: Effects of group size and assignment structure on learning gain, student satisfaction and perceived participation. Med Teach, 33(12), 2011.
Vaughan W., Effects of cooperative learning on achievement and attitude among students. Journal of Educational Research, 95(6), 2002
Theobald E.J., Eddy S.L., Grunspan D.Z., Wiggins B.L., Crowe A.J., Student perception of group dynamics predicts individual performance: Comfort and equity matter. PloS ONE, 12(7), 2017.

Candidate Profile :

The candidate should hold a PhD Degree in Data Science/Data Analytics, with good relational skills and a high interest in Education as a research application domain. Competencies in the User Centered Approach or in the Design Based Research methodology are required.


Fahima Djelil. Maître de Conférences, Laboratoire Lab-STICC, Équipe MOTEL, IMT Atlantique, Département Informatique. Technopôle Brest-Iroise CS 29 238 Brest.
E-mail : fahima.djelil@imt-atlantique.fr
Patricia Marzin-Janvier. Professeure, Laboratoire CREAD, Université Bretagne Occidentale (UBO).
E-mail : patricia.marzin-janvier@inspe-bretagne.fr
Nadine Mandran. Ingénieure de Recherche (CNRS). Laboratoire LIG, Université de Grenoble Alpes (UGA).
E-mail : Nadine.Mandran@univ-grenoble-alpes.fr


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The project is financed by the Région Bretagne via the "Stratégie d’Attractivité Durable (SAD)" program, and the Conseil Départemental du Finistère via the "Aide au Programme de Recherche Émergent (APRE)" program.

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