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PhD proposal: improvement of a mmW channel probe

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Project context

Trains are entering the era of full automation thanks to wireless systems shifting control functions from the human driver to computers. The objective in considering mmW is to improve the communication system adaptability for full bearer independency. The 60 GHz band is of great interest for railway in case of very high data rate and very low latency requirements. The propagation conditions and channel behaviour have to be well known to avoid communication outages particularly in the context of mobility. Dedicated channel models for mmW in railway environments are needed. This thesis is in the framework of a national research project: mmw4rail in collaboration with the university Gustave Eiffel, Merce, the university of Haut de France.

Objectives of the PhD programme

A mmW channel sounder is currently designed in the research laboratory Lab-STICC/IMT Atlantique. The PhD student will contribute to the evolution and improvement of this mmW channel sounder. The calibration is a critical part that could be proceed to measure geometrical channel impulse response. The PhD student will participate to the evolution of the mmw sounder, the calibration process. From measurement campaign, he will process the data measurement to extract the 3D channel response.

Start date:November 1st, 2021.

Location : Brest- France

Contact : To apply please send your motivation letter, CV, and recommendation letters (optional) to

François Gallée
02 29 00 11 44


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