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2-year postdoctoral position at IMT Atlantique, Brest

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We are looking for a postdoc (2 years) in applied mathematics for climate simulations at IMT Atlantique, Brest campus.

Apply for this job here: https://institutminestelecom.recruitee.com/l/en/o/postdoctorat-en-mathematiques-appliquees-pour-les-simulations-climatiques-cdd-24-mois

Context: This postdoc announcement is part of the CLIMARCTIC project, which aims to understand and predict (1) the regionalized responses of Arctic physical and biogeochemical conditions to future intensification of climate change over the 21st century, and (2) the associated impacts on local Arctic communities, socio-economic activities in the region, as well as on global climate. During this 5-year project, approximately 12 postdocs and 6 PhD students will be hired.

Supervisors: Pierre Tandeo (IMT Atlantique and Lab-STICC), Florian Sévellec (CNRS and LOPS), Nicolas Kolodziejczyk (IUEM and LOPS), Camille Lique (IFREMER and LOPS).

Methodology: The postdoc will be part of a work package that aims to make a state of the art of our ability to quantify past and future changes in physical and biogeochemical conditions in the Arctic. For this, we will use in situ and satellite observations as well as CMIP6 numerical climate simulations, for different climate models and scenarios. In order to process this data and extract relevant information from it, AI, machine learning and statistical methods will be used.

Objectives: The particular objective of the postdoc will be (1) to quantify the regional changes observed in past data and modeled in future projections, in order to map the changes, and (2) to identify possible past or future regime changes in the Arctic area.

Training and skills required:
- PhD in applied mathematics (e.g., AI, machine learning, statistics) or climate sciences (including oceanography, meteorology, biology);
- Good knowledge of Python and libraries for data manipulation, statistics, and machine learning (pandas, ScikitLearn, and/or Pytorch);
- Ability to work within an interdisciplinary team and to communicate at the French and the international level.

Contacts: pierre.tandeo@imt-atlantique.fr and florian.sevellec@univ-brest.fr


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